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White girllll partyyyyyyy haha Follow the leader Twitter: @Britt_Flyyy Instagram: Britt_Flyyy & Vine: Britt_Flyyy.
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  • Mezbah Rijvee 1 year ago


  • Bob Snieger 1 year ago

    Anyone more twerk videos on the way you are really good for a white girl lol not seen many that can compete on this level

  • Rockw61 1 year ago

    nice ass

  • Rockw61 1 year ago

    wow if all my dreams came true

  • Chase mode 1 year ago

    id put a stack down 2 see it live

  • ernas825 1 year ago

    You two are so amazing and both very beautiful!!! Love all your videos!!! :)

  • codered1224 1 year ago

    yeeeeees. Mooore.

  • Will Matthews 1 year ago

    you ladies should twerk full time. goddamn.

  • evan oliver 1 year ago


  • 1234piff 1 year ago


  • youleanin 1 year ago

    Mutha Fukin….”Deliciouz”

  • rogern1 1 year ago

    shaazzaammm!! dayuum!

  • Kanzay Udo 1 year ago

    more twerk video brittanny mwa

  • Michael ok 1 year ago

    Doo one to Tyga-Do My Dance

  • evan oliver 1 year ago

    we need more of the redhead twerking!!!

  • lolcubes 1 year ago

    these vids are great

  • Dave11 1 year ago

    1:08 bouncin that bootay like a basketball!

  • steven Imaa Trejo 1 year ago

    can you make a longer twerk vid to a song request TRAVIS PORTER BRING IT BACK” :)

  • Russell Crowe 1 year ago

    make more please like this
    pleasee, p.s. do it in tight gym shorts next time wiv the same socks

  • Britt anyy 1 year ago

    haha thanksss :) love yaaaaa

  • 10aalst 1 year ago

    thanks for doing another one

  • parsonsjessy 1 year ago

    hell yea yall work it lol love u girls!

  • Ragepillkid 1 year ago

    loooooove that left cheek right cheek!!!

  • tonysmith784 1 year ago

    nice vid,sexy as hell!!!!

  • ark02yt 1 year ago

    That was amazing – you are both stunning :)

  • MrJasonSchock 1 year ago

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    It’s a blog of an Asian girl and believe me, you will not regret visiting
    it! I have downloaded her video and I almost came freehand while
    watching it. LMAO. just sharing.

  • Alondra Deleon 1 year ago

    There was only one booty, the beautiful blk guuurl!!!! Whooties are rare but Latinas and beautiful blk gurls are NEVER scarce ;P

  • Whooty implies booty. Nice looking girls though.

  • MrMAX288 1 year ago

    What song is this?

  • Trasean Tolen 1 year ago

    Whooty battle

  • sajmalik01 1 year ago

    No black here.???

  • Johnny Ringo 1 year ago

    1:55 - 2:11 is just unbelievable! I came hard to that!

  • hotmichelle86 1 year ago

    fucking my hot pussy with a huge dildo.. hit me up at 1nighters . com

  • evkin117 1 year ago

    whooty comp it says what that black girl doing there get her outta there

  • bigtonesa2011 1 year ago

    I love big booty white girls thats what up and keep it up

  • hotmichelle86 1 year ago

    my chocha is hot .. rubbing it .. hit me up at 1nighters . com

  • IchigoBPimpin17 1 year ago